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Pharmaceutical Sciences Major

Pharmaceutical Sciences Major

The BS in the pharmaceutical sciences program provides you with a strong foundation in biology, chemistry, mathematics and pharmaceutics. You’ll develop and hone technical skills through nine laboratory-based courses. University of the Sciences' curriculum is flexible enough to allow you to choose an area of specialization or to pursue a minor in a specific discipline.

The Search for New Medications

Pharmaceutical sciences focuses on developing, manufacturing, and evaluating medications and evaluating these valuable drug products. Practitioners understand how drugs and medications act in the body, how they interact with other materials, how they are transformed into finished products, and how they are tested.  A BS degree in pharmaceutical sciences will help you use your skills to develop these new medications through research in a variety of biotechnology and pharmaceutical facilities.

Why University of the Sciences Should Be Your First Choice

  • You will gain the theoretical understanding and laboratory-based skills to actively participate in the development, formulation, manufacturing, and testing of drugs and cosmetics.
  • You may conduct faculty-directed undergraduate research and present your findings at the annual University of the Sciences Research Day.
  • Great prep for medical school: The basic courses required for admission to medical school are normally completed in the first two years of the program, and subsequent required and elective courses reinforce and extend much of this knowledge.
  • Location: Surrounded by more than 250 medical facilities and within two hours of 75 percent of all U.S. pharmaceutical firms, the University is located in the heart of the biotechnology and health science industry. Long-standing relationships with most of these companies foster numerous choices for internships and job opportunities.
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