Experiential Education Program - Introductory and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience 

A strength of our Doctor of Pharmacy program is the experiential training obtained as part of our professional curriculum. This experience is commonly supplemented by intern work experiences as well as co-curricular activities including engagement in our professional pharmacy organizations and student involvement in professionally focused community service.

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE)

Our Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience courses enable students to engage in both community and institutional/hospital pharmacy practices with the option to further develop their competency and insights when picking an additional introductory “selective” rotation. Selective rotations include:

  • Hospital practice
  • Practice in an ambulatory patient care setting
  • Practice in a non-traditional setting such as long term care, home infusion, compounding, pharmacy management, specialty pharmacy, medical communications or managed care
  • Partnering with a faculty member to complete a practice based project
Interprofessional Education (IPE)

A growing program available to approximately 30 students per class that spans the first three professional years of the curriculum is available in conjunction with Cooper Rowan Medical School. PCP Pharmacy students are partnered with medical students for an alternative IPPE experiences, which take place at Cooper University Medical Center and other settings associated with Cooper Rowan Medical School.Additional IPE opportunities are available within the University and with other local Universities and healthcare programs.

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE)

Our introductory experience rotations and completion of the campus based curriculum prepares students for their final year of education devoted to 36 weeks of full time rotation experiences as part of the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE). These rotations are available in many sites in the immediate Philadelphia area, throughout the mid-Atlantic region and beyond. In addition to the option of rotations with over twenty five full time faculty that have established patient focused pharmacy practices in hospital, ambulatory care and community pharmacy settings, a wide variety of additional required and many elective options are offered by over 400 preceptors, many of which are PCP alumni.

APPE rotation options include research and teaching rotations with full time faculty, a number of academic medical centers including blocks of rotations in Philadelphia, New York City and Baltimore, rotations with the Indian Health Service and the FDA, a range of options and locations in the pharmaceutical industry and many more settings.

New in 2015 was our first international APPE rotation in Jamaica (6 student pharmacists, 3 faculty) as part of an interdisciplinary medical mission serving 3500 patients in 7 clinic days. The goal was to provide medical education to medically indigent and underserved patients, acknowledging cultural differences and health literacy issues, and to approach patients with professional attitudes and behaviors.

Experiential education at PCP is not only a valued component of our professional education. These learning experiences, and the positive relationships developed with site based pharmacists, contributes to an excellent track record of employment for our graduates; many, in fact, secure post-graduation positions during their APPE rotations. This includes a remarkable number of our grads, averaging about 25% in recent years, who pursue postgraduate training in highly completive industry fellowships or ASHP-accredited pharmacy practice residencies.

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy Preceptors - A Tradition of Excellence

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (PCP) initiated our first full time/full semester experiential “pharmacy clerkship” program in 1979. We now refer to that as our Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE). Today, we offer rotation sites at hundreds of locations, not only in the Tri-state area, but literally nationwide. Students also complete Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) rotations during their first three professional years. Many preceptors host both APPE and IPPE students while some are devoted only to IPPE student experiences.

Our preceptors make our experiential educational program the success that it is. Hours of hard work on the part of each preceptor goes into providing our students with an optimal learning experience. It is the preceptor dedication to guiding our students that affords them the opportunity to apply knowledge and sharpen their skills in diverse practice settings and help validate that they are competent to enter pharmacy practice. Preceptors play a key role in helping to instill in our students the professionalism and work ethic upon which our pharmacy profession prides itself.

The Experiential Education Team strives to offer our preceptors guidance and support through orientation as a new preceptor to our experiential education goals and objectives, task list, through routine communications and with educational and growth learning opportunities.

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