Philadelphia College of Pharmacy

Learn about one of the top pharmacy schools

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (PCP) is the nation’s first pharmacy college. Why should you begin your career in pharmacy where pharmacy school and education began?

Because we aren’t just the first—we’re the finest. Our unique hands-on approach gives future pharmacists clinical experience—practically from day one in the program, and covers all pharmacy school requirements. PCP pharmacy school students are introduced to the full gamut of patient care, from acute care to community pharmacy and everything in between.

PCP also offers degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacology & Toxicology—two programs that concentrate on the science underlying patient care.

A PCP pharmacy degree opens doors, due both to the strength of our reputation and our extensive and influential network of alumni. That’s why you should choose PCP for Pharmacy, Pharmacology & Toxicology, or Pharmaceutical Sciences. More

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