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Physics is the scientific discipline that explores and explains how the universe works. It has served as the basis for countless other disciplines, from biology and chemistry to more recent fields such as bio-medicine and nanotechnology. Indeed, today’s physicists are responsible for tomorrow’s innovations. The analytical skills and problem-solving abilities the field fosters can be applied to countless careers.

Melissa Lamberto, BS

The Next Wave of Physics

Innovation has been a touchstone for University of the Sciences since its founding, so it’s no wonder that our newest major is in a field that has been advancing greatly into new areas. Here you will be part of the next wave of physics, as prepared to continue your work in cutting-edge research as you are to apply your new skills in the private sector.

Dmitriy Davydovich, PhD student

Why University of the Sciences Should Be Your First Choice 

  • Thanks to our unique history and wide-ranging relationships, we’re well positioned to leverage physics’ developing connections with biological, pharmaceutical, and health-care disciplines.
  • The program’s forward-looking focus, from curriculum to research, reflects current trends in physics, with emphases on such emerging areas as nanotechnology.
  • Our tight-knit, nurturing department supports you every step of the way.
  • Tracks in biophysics, medical physics, pre-med, astrophysics, and materials science prepare you for the fastest growing subsets of the discipline.
  • The University’s institutional legacy of fostering leadership and innovation is a perfect career complement to the scholarly training you will receive.
  • Interdisciplinary opportunities are available throughout the University, allowing you to study and research with members of other departments.
  • The university-wide focus on outcomes has allowed our program to shift its focus from academic to private-sector preparation.


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Top 10 Reasons to Study Physics
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