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Humanities and Science Major

University of the Sciences' major in humanities and science provides the opportunity for you to look at both sets of disciplines to discover how they interact with and complement each other. You will see how literature and music reflect current developments in biology and physics, and you will learn how all the sciences make use of the humanities. Working closely with an advisor, you will develop a program that reflects your interests and concerns.

Versatile Preparation, Intellectual Flexibility

Holders of a BS in Humanities and Science are well prepared for medical, dental or veterinary school; for programs in law, business, or library science; and for graduate studies in either the humanities or the sciences. And because you learn to read, write and think critically, you will be well prepared not just for your career but also for your life outside the workplace. At a time when people change careers several times during their lives, you will have the intellectual flexibility to do so.

Why University of the Sciences Should Be Your First Choice

  • A multidisciplinary curriculum that allows for individualized study
  • Satisfaction of the necessary prerequisites for professional programs in the health sciences, such as medical, dental or veterinary school
  • Satisfaction of the necessary prerequisites for advanced degrees in law, library science or any field where a strong background in both science and the humanities together would be useful.
  • Broadened exposure to languages, literature, philosophy and the arts alongside one of the country’s strongest health sciences curricula
Destination Success
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