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Pharmaceutical Chemistry Major

The expanding number of pharmaceutical products now available to improve the human condition is likely to continue, with demographic trends and scientific progress combining to create a favorable long-term future. University of the Sciences' uncommon four-year BS curriculum in pharmaceutical chemistry will prepare you for careers in this rapidly-growing field by introducing you to all aspects of drug development, from initial design of a new drug to delivery of the drug to the patient.

Meeting the Demand

Pharmaceutical chemistry focuses on the discovery of new drugs and the development of tools needed to monitor their large-scale synthesis and medical effectiveness. With a more sophisticated patient population and a large number of an aging population seeking to remain active, demand for chemists with a specialization in the areas of chemistry that are closely related to pharmaceuticals is high. As a graduate you will be able to pursue rewarding positions in large and small pharmaceutical companies and with government agencies.

Why University of the Sciences Should Be Your First Choice

  • University of the Sciences is alone among Philadelphia-area universities in offering a bachelor’s in this field
  • Our program is certified by the American Chemical Society.
  • The West Center for Computational Chemistry and Drug Design, which allows you to take advantage of powerful Beowulf supercomputers to model the structure and activity of molecules that may be likely drug candidates, and their protein receptors.
  • Access to other sophisticated laboratory equipment and computers, including two 400 MHz NMR spectrometers, high-pressure liquid chromatographs, and computer clusters with more than 2,000 processors.
  • Valuable, hands-on experience in the many laboratory courses incorporated into the curriculum, as well as in undergraduate research opportunities
  • Close proximity to many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies
  • Through the integrated degree program, you can obtain a MS in half the time of a traditional degree program.  A BS/PhD option is also available. 
Destination Success
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