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Learning Opportunities in Biomedical Sciences

A Strong Scientific Focus

Biomedical scientists conduct research to understand the complex workings of living organisms. They apply their research to develop new tools, methods, and strategies for diagnosing and curing disease. To this end, our program offers you an undergraduate opportunity you won’t find anywhere else. Because we were founded with and still maintain a scientific focus, we know how to educate scientists. We have the strong academic and research strength that allows our graduates to succeed in the competitive international environment.

Specifically, through the BS in Biomedical Sciences program, you will:

  • Master fundamental concepts in biomedical sciences and effectively apply scientific reasoning in solving problems
  • Train in and demonstrate proficiency in state-of-the-art methods and techniques
  • Interpret primary source scientific publications in the biological sciences, integrating fundamental concepts of chemistry, physics, and mathematics
  • Recognize relevant socio-ethical perspectives in the context of the biological sciences through a strong and balanced general education experience

Research Early and Often

Because of our smaller student population, we offer many opportunities to do primary investigative research as early as your first year, research that leads to publication and presentations at national meetings. You won’t need to compete with dozens of other students to snag a single research position or wait until you’re in a graduate program. We regularly accommodate every academically strong student with opportunities to do investigative laboratory research. We also offer undergraduate fellowships for summer research.

Personal Attention from the Faculty

You get unparalleled access to our faculty—who are outstanding educators and researchers eager to facilitate your goals and provide opportunities for hands-on research. With nearly 20 full-time faculty members, small classes, and the open areas, labs, and study pods in the STC, you’ll have daily interaction with your professors, allowing you to learn both inside and outside the classroom.

State-of-the-Art Facilities for Scientific Education and Research

The cutting-edge McNeil Science and Technology Center features:

  • 2 general and 2 advanced biology teaching labs
  • 40-seat fully equipped microbiology teaching lab
  • 12 biology investigative research labs with state-of-the-art equipment
  • 6 break-out study rooms for student use
  • 4 lecture halls
  • 3 computer classrooms
  • Two-story common area for informal student gathering
  • Wireless technology throughout the building
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