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Bachelor of Science in Biology: Major in Biology

A strong foundation in all aspects of biology is fundamental to any career involving the biological sciences. In particular, biology is one of the majors that students often pursue before they enter medical, dental or veterinary school. In addition, the University's focus on sciences allows you to choose advanced courses that provide a deeper understanding in specific areas of study.

Preparation to Face Critical Issues

Biology, the study of life, provides a vast array of career opportunities. Biologists study how living things work, interact with each other, and evolve. The work of biologists expands our knowledge of the living world in which we reside and provides the foundation to address many important issues facing humankind.

Why University of the Sciences Should Be Your First Choice

  • Strong academic and research strengths that allows you to succeed in the competitive international environment.
  • The McNeil Science and Technology Center offers you access to labs, equipment, and resources that are at the forefront of science.  
  • Strong cross-disciplinary interaction offers the chance to work closely with students and faculty in the forensic science, physics, statistics, pharmacology/toxicology and chemistry programs.
  • Low faculty to student ratios provide for unparalleled access to our faculty, who are outstanding educators and researchers eager to facilitate achieving your goals and provide opportunities for hands-on research.
  • Many faculty members have colleagues or acquaintances within the academic, governmental and private industry arenas, providing a rich array of contacts for you and opportunities for internships and field experiences.
  • The Department of Biological Sciences offers many opportunities to do primary investigative research early in your undergraduate program. We regularly accommodate every academically strong students with the opportunity to do investigative laboratory research.
Destination Success
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