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Environmental Science

Environmental Science Major

The BS in environmental science program will help you understand both the scientific and technical aspects of the profession. Through coursework and internships, you will learn innovative techniques used to address some of the world’s most troubling environmental problems.

Ensuring a Bright Future

The human impact on the environment increasingly threatens the quality of our air, water, land, and food. Protecting and maintaining these essential resources is creating career opportunities for environmental science professionals. As an environmental scientist, you will play a critical role in ensuring a high quality of life for future generations through research, community awareness, and education about environmental health issues and through the administration and enforcement of environmental and public health laws.

Why University of the Sciences Should Be Your First Choice

  • You gain real-world knowledge through a curriculum with specialty courses, such as risk assessment and environmental law, that are taught by faculty currently working in these fields.
  • The McNeil Science and Technology Center, offers you access to labs, equipment and resources that are at the forefront of science.
  • Proximity to a variety of habitats allows for extensive fieldwork and learning opportunities.
  • Enrollment caps ensure all students get hands-on experience with instrumentation in data collection.
  • You can participate in a summer internship in your field of interest as early as your second year.
  • Our forensic science program offers a unique, multidisciplinary curriculum that is fully integrated into the environmental science major, an approach preferred by employers.
  • Many faculty members have colleagues or acquaintances within the academic, governmental and private industry arenas, providing a rich array of contacts for you.
  • All of our graduates have been employed in the field of their choice before graduation or soon after.
Destination Success
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