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Learning Outcomes: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Students receiving an undergraduate BS degree in a program offered by the Department (Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry) will have achieved proficiency in all areas necessary for success in the profession and/or post graduate education. These areas include:

  1. Fundamental Knowledge and Understanding:
    Students will achieve a good understanding of the basic concepts pertaining to all the major sub-disciplines of chemistry (analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic and physical)
  2. Fundamental Skills:
    Students will (a) achieve understanding of basic experimental techniques, safety issues and environmental regulations, and (b) be able to apply this information in the laboratory.
  3. Communication and Information Skills:
    (a) Students will be able to effectively use computers for basic scientific and non-scientific tasks.
    (b)Students will be able to learn independently, to explore the scientific literature using a variety of resources, and communicate that information.
  4. Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Application of Knowledge.
    (a) Students will develop critical thinking skills and apply their knowledge to develop solutions to problems.
    (b) Students will be encouraged to apply their formal knowledge and skills to carry out research
  5. Ethics:
    Students will become aware of the environmental, health, economic and ethical implications of scientific discoveries and technical innovations in general, and of the impact of chemistry on society and on the environment in particular
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