Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Facilities

The facilities available to the faculty and students in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at USP are located in three of the buildings on campus; Griffith Hall, the Robert McNeil Graduate Study and Research Center, and the new McNeil Science & Technology Center. Griffith Hall is an elegant, classically designed building originally constructed in 1927 which was extensively remodeled and modernized in 1985. Additional renovations are planned over the course of the next few years as a result of the completion of the STC in Fall 2005, and consequent move of faculty in several departments, including bioinformatics, biology, computer science, math, and physics, out of Griffith and into the STC. A significant portion of that vacated space is anticipated to be renovated and dedicated to research and teaching activities in DC&B.

A small number of faculty and students in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry who carry out research in the area of computational chemistry, especially those that interact strongly with the new Department of Bioinformatics and Computer Science, are now located in the STC.

In 1996, all buildings on campus, including the library, all classrooms, offices, laboratories and dormitory rooms, were wired to accommodate Cable TV and High Speed Internet connections. Internet capabiities are routinely upgraded as technology improves. This greatly facilitates web searches on the many journals and database resources available, including ACS journals and important chemical databases such as Chemical Abstracts (via SciFinder Scholar), Dialog, Medline and Uncover.

The Department occupies all three floors of the East wing of Griffith Hall, and contains the Department Office (located in GH 140), most of the faculty offices, and the teaching laboratories for all courses offered by the Department. Smaller, two-person research laboratories, used by both undergraduates and graduate students, are also located throughout this wing of Griffith Hall, as are several instrument rooms, a cold room and a constant temperature room.

Additional facilities available to students include: the Department Computer Cluster, which is a dedicated computer laboratory containing 16 PCs and two printers; the West Center for Computational Chemistry and Drug Discovery, which is home for several Beowulf supercomputer clusters available for more complex computer applications; and our NMR Spectrometer Laboratory, which is available for sophisticated molecular structure analysis.

The McNeil Research Center, built in 1968, contains the remaining faculty offices (except for those located in the STC), together with two additional research laboratories used for both undergraduate and graduate research. Atop the McNeil Research Center is the Albert Penick Experimental Greenhouse which is used for research in pharmacognosy (or natural products chemistry) and medicinal chemistry. Other facilities in McNeil Hall are dedicated to the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice.

In addition to the chemistry laboratory facilities, a variety of classrooms used by many different departments at the University are located in Griffith Hall, including the Departments of Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy and Pharmacy Administration, Information Technology, Admissions, Human Resources and Financial Aid.

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