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How are students assigned to an IPPE site?

Students are provided with a list of preceptors willing to supervise their experience. However, they can also find and propose their own preceptor who must be approved by the course coordinator.

Can a student complete this experience at a site where they are employed as an intern?

While students are encouraged to obtain an experience in a setting different than where they are interning, a student may complete the experience at their current site of employment as long as both the preceptor and student recognize that the parameters in the curriculum must be completed. There can be compensation provided to the student for the time spent at the site during the IPPE experience.

Can students complete this activity over spring break?

Students may elect to complete the majority of their hours over spring break which is acceptable as long as their preceptor is available.

Can students begin this program over the 2008 winter break?

No, students must first attend a college based orientation session during week one of the spring semester. The final preceptor assignments will not be approved until the first week of the semester.

Can a preceptor with an APPE student (6th yr) currently on rotation at his/her site also volunteer to host an IPPE student?

Yes. In fact the interaction between a more seasoned student and a less experienced student may prove to be a valuable learning opportunity.

Must the student be under supervision of the preceptor 100% of the time he/she is on site?

We encourage student interaction with other members of the staff however, we expect the preceptor to be primarily responsible for student supervision, observation and evaluation for at least 80% of the student’s time on site.

Can a preceptor supervise two IPPE students in the same semester?

No. Only one student from PCP (or any other school) should be supervised by a preceptor during the same semester. A second preceptor may also take a different student at the site.

Interested in becoming a Preceptor?

If you are interested in serving as a preceptor, please complete THIS FORM. Please feel free to forward this invitation to any community pharmacist colleague that may be interested in participating.

If you require additional information, please contact Mr. Matthew Land at or call him at 215-596-8986.

How will the student be graded?

This is a pass/fail course. Students are required to maintain various logs on which they document their participation and completion of the course requirements. These logs will be kept in each student’s portfolios. Preceptors will sign off on the logs verifying completion and provide a final evaluation to the student. Faculty will also review the portfolio to determine if the course requirements have been fulfilled.

Will the preceptor be assigning homework?

The activities will require the students to look up drug information, write or type responses to their assignments and research some information for the medication safety exercise. Ideally, most of this work will take place on site at the pharmacy. Students will need time and space to work in or near the pharmacy where they are not impacting routine workflow. Because computer access is limited in some pharmacies, if a student needs to type up assignments and the only option is to complete this work at home, some minor allowances (not greater than 10%) are permitted towards their hour credit.

What is a portfolio?

A student’s portfolio is a simple three ring binder containing tabs sheets which separate their logs etc. into the following sections;

  • The course schedule and general information/material provided to students during campus based sessions.
  • Attendance record
  • Prescription processed log
  • Calculation exercise record
  • Activity and assessment log

Students should bring the portfolio to the site for every visit for updating and for preceptor review. During campus based sessions students will discuss the content of their portfolio with other students and faculty.

Must a student be licensed as an intern in order to participate?

Not in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Delaware students must be licensed as an intern.

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